Hey! I’m Lisa. I’m a communications expert, a working mom advocate, and a multiple entrepreneur dedicated to helping people and organizations shape and share their story.

Born and raised in Toronto, I made the leap to New York City where I built up my career as a communications expert, working for Fortune 500 companies.

After saying hello to our two daughters, we returned to our hometown. It wasn’t too long before I dived head first into the world of entrepreneurship with the start of Jack Communications.

Always on the pursuit to feed my ambitions and passions, I recently started LisaDurante.com. Here I offer resources, information and insights to help working moms balance their lives, their careers and their families in a way that works. Working with employers, I create customized programs and talks that support new parents as they learn the delicate dance of managing all of their ambitions with the love of their families. 

Intrigued? Then, please, get in touch.