Hey! I’m Lisa. I’m a communications expert, a working mom advocate, and a multiple entrepreneur dedicated to helping people and organizations shape and share their story.

Born and raised in Toronto, I made the leap to New York City where I built up my career as a communications expert, working for Fortune 500 companies.

After saying hello to our two daughters, we returned to our hometown. Always on the pursuit to feed my ambitions and passions, I started Jack Communications in 2013. This small, but mighty agency guides companies and leaders in creating communication strategies that move audiences to action. As part of this work, we develop content that strengthens reputations and emotionally connects with audiences. 

Most recently, I started LisaDurante.com, a boutique consultancy that is working to end the motherhood penalty. We work with career-conscious women and their progressive companies to create inclusive, high-performing teams where everyone can reach their full potential.  

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